New Book!


Handmade Book of Haiku Imagery

"Word Pearls...Seeing Into Meaning"

Word Pearls...Seeing Into Meaning is a collection of work by Beth Kingsley Hawkins, combining original photographs and the Haiku they inspired her to write.

Artist's Statement, from the book:

   Nature photography, like poetry, is a reflection of our own personal experience--and it is when we have a sense of participation in the mystery that we feel fully alive!  The magic of all art and poetry is that it can speak to each of us uniquely as we respond out of our own depths and 'see into meaning'.

The text is handset metal type printed on Somerset Velvet paper by Marcia Brown. Handmade paper covers, with inclusions of phlox petals from the artist's garden, are bound in a non-adhesive structure with Kinwashi end sheets. Its size is 7-3/8 inches square.

This limited edition has only 26 copies, lettered A through Z. Only 20 remain unsold. Each handmade book is priced at $333.00.

I am pleased to share this small and holy offering of art.