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"Be still with yourself 
until the object of your attention 
affirms your presence "  ....Minor White

This thought from Minor White very much reflects my meditative exchange with Nature when I am outside, camera in hand. Nature photography, like poetry, is a reflection of our own personal experience, and the images on these photo cards reflect mine.  The magic of all art and poetry is, however, that it can translate back for each of us in its own special way.  I hope that these cards invite your response. 

Beth Kingsley Hawkins                     

Photographic Prints are available for any image used for these cards.  Sizes available include 8x10 ($90 matted, $75 unmatted), 11x14 ($150 matted, $125 unmatted), and 16x20 (matted only, $250).   Dimensions are in inches.   For further information, contact me by email or by telephone at (928) 284-2874.

Boxed Sets:

    Flora and Fauna - Ten cards depicting intimate closeups of flowers, the lavender and sunflower fields of Provence, and Anna's Hummingbirds amidst a fountain and drinking from glorious magenta flowers

    Stone and Sand and Sea and Sky - Ten cards depicting the magic of a flaming sunrise over Cathedral Rock and its reflection at sunset in Oak Creek (Arizona), wind made visible in the patterns of sand at White Sands National Monument (New Mexico), special lighting on Bryce Canyon hoodoos close up (Utah), ancient Anasazi handprints, magically naturally-sculpted sand stone in slot canyons, and sunset colors on the water in Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts)

    The Living Earth - Ten cards depicting the earth alive with life:  golden aspens in the fall (Colorado), double rainbow over Cathedral Rock (Arizona), the glistening silk of milkweed seeds (New Mexico), Bryce Canyon hoodoos in the snow (Utah), and showing God's creative imagination in the diversity of life forms that translated into Atlantic Puffins (Maine), mating Great Blue Herons (Florida), a lady Broad-billed Hummingbird setting on her eggs, a Rufous Hummingbird immersed in wildflowers, and a French cat--all Holy Originals!!!

    Feathered Rainbows - Two each of five hummingbird cards from the above sets.

    Create your own Custom Box! - Here is an opportunity to choose your favorites--pick any 10 cards from the 36 possible designs, and they don't all have to be different. There are 30 images from the boxes above, plus 6 additional images which include hummingbirds from Trinidad and Jamaica, a Blue-Crowned Motmot from Tobago, a pattern of peacock feathers, and a sensuous sandstone canyon

The boxes of cards listed below sell for $20.00 each (plus shipping*) and come with 10 different images, a classy, custom-designed box with a clear cover, and a colorful metallic stretch cord.

All cards are blank inside so you can write your own message and adapt it for any occasion. The back of each card shows the title and a description of the image (which can be read under each image shown on these pages).

Individual cards are $ 2.00 each for 10 or more ( $3.50 each for less than 10 ). Your order can include any number of cards of any image.

* See shipping charges on Order Form

Unsolicited testimony from a delighted customer: 
                      "Wow! Everybody loves them. I even got a thank-you note
                      for sending someone one of your cards. Each one is like a little
                      gift, and nowadays, where can you get a quality gift for $2 which
                      will bring such appreciation?"

Another perceptive statement of appreciation: 
                      "What I see in your pictures is that you open yourself to Nature
                      and as you do, Nature opens to you in return--revealing its secrets."

Another response:
                      "Wow! This is Music!"