Stone and Sand and Sea and Sky

"Simple Beauty"
White Sands National Monument, New Mexic

Early on a January morning, no one around to make footprints in the snow-like sand. The blue sky and the colors of the natural grasses create a feeling of serenity, and the patterns in the sand seem to make the wind visible.

"Earth Aflame"
Sedona, Arizona

The ever-changing palette of light on the red rocks is a wonder to behold. Not only geographically does Cathedral Rock lie in the heart of Sedona. It is pictured here at sunrise, silhouetted against a sky alive with color.

"Eye of the Soul"
Navajo Nation, near Page, Arizona

One can interpret this scene from one’s own inner viewpoint. Perhaps you can see mask-like faces on the left, or Paul Bunyan’s giant legs striding through the canyon, or a dancing bear in the center. Enjoy your imagination and the magic of this slot cany

"Procession of the Magi"
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

So many shapes and possibilities as Bryce Canyon captures your imagination. To the eye of this photographer, a royal procession is following the light of a star.

"Inner Cathedral"
Sedona, Arizona

Cathedral Rock, and its golden reflection in Oak Creek, seem to bring to life the words of George Bernard Shaw:

"When my spirit is groping for an elusive mood, my eye shall be caught by the skyward tower, showing me where, within that cathedral, I may find my way to the cathedral within me."

"Earth Womb"
Navajo Land, Arizona

Symbolically, a cave is womb-like. The canyons are sacred to the Navajo because they represent the womb from which Mother Earth gives birth--as well as being monuments to the life force of the female energy of water. Here the opposites unite...light and dark, hard and soft, stillness and motion.

"Mystical Moment"
Makonikey Beach
Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

A moment caught in time: the sun setting on the horizon, the water reflecting the colors of the sky, the waves frozen in motion. Then, weeks later, as the presses rolled and subtle color changes were made on the image, I was deeply moved as the outline of an angel became visible. She had been there all along, but only showed herself when we got it right!

"Visual Music"
Peach Canyon
Navajo Land, Arizona

To find music...
to hear music..
To ‘see’ music...
to be music...

Stone, water and light created this natural sculpture--a sandstone symphony making visible all the elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, tone-color--inviting our hearts to dance.

"Artists’ Hands"
Sedona, Arizona

The hands and the underlying figure are precious examples of early rock painting called pictographs. They are ancient forms of communication attributed to the Native American Sinagua people, who inhabited the Red Rock country of Sedona between 1130 and 1280 A.D. One can feel a sense of aliveness and mystery from their presence as we reach across time and connect to the artist within ourselves.

"Earth Madonna"
Navajo Land, Arizona

This photograph was taken with all natural light in a narrow slot canyon, eighty feet in the earth. Its actual orientation is a quarter turn to the left, depicting the shape the Navajo call the Eagle. What a delight to discover, upon turning the photo, the image of a mother and child as well.